Flow Meters

Both DDU and APSD data can be severely compromised if the inlet flow rate (the flow rate at the entrance to the induction port or DUSA) used during testing is inaccurate and/or inconsistent, generating discrepancies with regard to its effects on both the cascade impactor itself and the inhaler under test.

Copley offers Flow Meters with the required range and accuracy to measure the flow in inhaler testing systems.

DFM4 – Flow Meter

Operating on the Differential Pressure (Venturi) principle, the Flow Meter Model DFM4 has a range of 105 L/min, a resolution of 0.1 L/min and an accuracy of +/- 2% or 0.7 L/min, whichever the greater. Its robust design and method of operation means that an inlet filter is not required in routine use. A calibration kit is also available for routine calibration by the user.

Product Features
Operation Principle
Venturi (Pressure Drop)
Flow Rate Range
10-105 L/min
0.1 L/min
+/- 2% or 0.7 L/min (whichever the greater)
Flow Resistance
Low (1.0 kPa @ 100 L/min)
Volumetric Flow Calculation
Direct measurement
Inlet Filter
Not required
Interface to external devices such as the BAC 100i and TPK 100i
RS-232 (Flow Rate & Calibrate Data)
Calibration kit available for user calibration
Use ‘in-line’
Cannot be used ‘in-line’
Power Source
Universal mains input voltage

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