DDU of Nasal Products

Recent developments in nasal delivery systems has resulted in greater focus on different uses for drug delivery. With great potential for rapid drug absorption into the turbinates and lymphoid tissues located at the back of the nasal cavity, focus has shifted to absorption into the systemic circulation and central nervous system for a wider range of treatments. There are three conventional technologies for nasal delivery: metered spray pumps (aqueous-based), nasal aerosols (propellant-based) and powder-based.

DUSA Interface Plate for Nasal Sprays (Close-Up)

DUSA Interface Plate for Nasal Sprays

Simplifying the measurement of delivered dose uniformity for nasal sprays in accordance with the recently revised specification in the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) Chapter 0676 and USP Chapter <601>, the nasal dose uniformity sampling apparatus (DUSA) interface plate enables simple, leak-free connection between a standard DUSA and the nasal drug product to ensure complete dose capture.

  • Designed for use with the Vertus II/Plus automated shake and fire system
  • Supports automated, high productivity, high repeatability testing
  • Routine test set-ups for nasal drug products are now easily automated using our complete integrated solution
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