DDU of Nasal Products

Recent developments in nasal delivery systems has resulted in greater focus on different uses for drug delivery. With great potential for rapid drug absorption into the turbinates and lymphoid tissues located at the back of the nasal cavity, focus has shifted to absorption into the systemic circulation and central nervous system for a wider range of treatments. There are three conventional technologies for nasal delivery: metered spray pumps (aqueous-based), nasal aerosols (propellant-based) and powder-based.

Nasal Spray Dose Collector NSDC

Specially designed for the DDU testing of nasal sprays, the NSDC works together with the Vertus II/Plus automated actuation systems, but it can also be used as a standalone device for the manual dose collection of nasal sprays.

  • The drug is sprayed into an opening large enough to guarantee no drug hits the entrance but is small enough to greatly reduce the risk of drug exiting after actuation.
  • The ‘shark’s fin’ design deflects the spray away from the centre point of the nozzle in an aerodynamic fashion to minimise the risk of any rebound.
  • All points on the fin itself slope away from the centre point thereby encouraging any drips that form to run away from the centre.
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Nasal Spray Waste Collector NSWC

The NSWC is designed to collect high volumes of waste doses with no splashback onto the nozzle, for safe and convenient disposal of the waste drug. Designed for use with the Vertus II/Plus, the NSWC streamlines nasal spray wasting in a reproducible and time-efficient way.

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